Get ready for a bunch of links and short summaries to go off of, as this is my page collecting my ongoing comics works, projects I’ve completed, and things I’ve abandoned faster than green grass through a goose…whatever that means.



Death, Divorce, and Disney– An exploration of a recent siblings-only trip to Walt Disney World complemented by the ups and downs of life over the last few years, specifically relating to my mother’s passing and myself getting divorced. Chapters will be posted as they are completed.



365 Bad Comics – Thanks to an inspirational nudge from Very Near Mint‘s Justin Peterson, I started this crazy project of drawing three hundred and sixty-five bad comics over the course of a year. You can order a copy over here, if you’d like.

30 Days of Women – Back in November 2009, instead of going crazy and trying to write an entire book in 30 days, I decided to see if I could get any better at drawing women and tackled them one day at a time.

31 Horribly Bad Horror Comics – Another challenge, this time creating “bad” comics based around Halloween and monsters and horror clichés. Strangely, many seemed to find them funny. Go figure.

31 Ho-ho-horribly Bad Holiday Comics – After such positive feedback from the previous challenge, I did another, this time focusing on the good ol’ Santa-laden holiday times.

31 Lovingly Bad Love Comics – Well, here’s another bunch of bad comics, this time all about wuv.

Coffee Me – A love poem about the lovely drink known as coffee and what I am without it.

Dinosaurs Eat Man – A short collection of comics based around everyone’s favorite terrible lizards. You can order a copy over here, if you’d like.

Dungeon Prowler – Forthcoming…

Hourly Comics Day 2011 – Just another day in my life in February 2011.

Hourly Comics Day 2012 – A much longer look at a day in my life in February 2012.

Monster Family Photos – A short collection of fake monster family photos. You can order a copy over here, if you’d like.

MyLifeComics – Journal comics that I did from November 2006 to about November 2010, which is around four years if my math rings true. At one point, I numbered them, but not always, so I don’t really know how many I did in the end.

The Lost Seafarer – Captain Billy Brig is in desperate search of Lady Island. Why does he want to get there? Where is it? How did he lose his eye? Most of these questions will probably be answered before the end of all things.

This Way to Guru – The story of a self-appointed guru and the day that he was unable to help a little girl find her lost dog.



200 Sad Comics – My attempt at doing a ton of bad/sad comics. Unfortunately, I didn’t even reach the halfway mark. Click to see how I drew bad comics back in 2007.

All of Westeros – A wee bit of insanity on my part, but I attempted to draw every character ever from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Did 195 before I stepped away.

Fortuitous Twist – This was my attempt to mix Octopus Pie, Scott Pilgrim, and sushi into a longform drama comic. Only got like five pages done…

Greenhorn – I think my real first attempt at a webcomic, this one was based heavily on sci-fi/fantasy books and their authors. There was also a ninja.

Supertown – Supertown was a webcomic about kids, superheroes, and the limitless of imaginations. Will (Willpower) and Kyle (Kapture) decided that their town needed saving, and that they were the two best candidates for the job. Many nefarious characters tried to get in their way.

These Sweet Memories – Tried again with the journal comics though it didn’t last long…for reasons.