Hot dog reviews

I’m pretty particular when it comes to hot dogs. For instance, I only like them grilled. Fried, too. Basically, anything but boiled. And so, a quest: find the greatest hot dogs out there. Whether they are in New Jersey, the United States, or some magical, foreign country-land I’ve never even heard of yet. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

(Disclaimer: real hot dog art is forthcoming!)

Hot Dog Johnny’s

NJB Hot Dog Johnnys 1

2 out of 5 hot dogs

Final thoughts: The ordering process is unorganized and stuffy inside the small waiting room. The workers often use the same gloves when working with mustard and ketchup, so you’ll end up with toppings you didn’t ask for. They wrap the hot dogs up, even if you are staying to eat at the tables outside, which means everything is a mess once you unwrap the thing. A bummer considering the number of times I’ve driven by the place and wondered.


cubbys pic 1

4.5 out of 5 hot dogs

Final thoughts: The new measuring stick when it comes to hot dogs. Every bite was better than the previous bite, except for the last bite, because I was sad knowing there was no more to eat afterwards.

Callahan’s Hot Dogs

callahans 13315585_1046937758734226_3638554426378904824_n

4 out of 5 hot dogs

Final thoughts: Got a dog at a food truck festival recently, and the beauty is just like the picture above, far too big its bun, but delicious nonetheless. I think I even liked it more than the lobster roll I had later!

Davy’s Dogs

davy's dogs

2.5 out of 5 hot dogs

Final thoughts: This place just crept past Hot Dog Johnny’s in score, but only because you can get a giant basket of fries with your hot dogs.

More reviews to come…