Robots Replace Man!

I’ll be exhibiting at MICE this upcoming weekend–look for me around the corner at Table D10, in Doucet Hall–and I have two new comic books debuting at the show. Today, I’ll reveal one of them, which is a sister product to DINOSAURS EAT MAN, a book of short comics on those terrible lizards that I did a few years ago. Allow me to push your “alert” button and show you…



This is another short collection of themed comics, all of them focusing on the metal machines that will probably be controlling us in a matter of years. The jokes range from bad bad to good bad, and your mileage may, of course, vary. I personally think I’m a riot.

Now I can’t give away all the comics in this newly crafted creation of mine, but here’s a couple examples below to whet your whistle. Lastly, if you’re in Massachusetts over the weekend and like all things comics-related, do stop by and see what’s going on at MICE! It’s free and open to the public. You can’t beat that.

robots-replace-man-014 robots-replace-man-021robots-replace-man-019Also, stay tuned to find out more about my other new book!