Back from MICE

Well, MICE happened…and it was great!

Over the years, I’ve been to a handful of conventions. Big ones, small ones, and ones probably somewhere in the middle of that range. Also, somehow, once, I even got into SPX. That all said, MICE has been my favorite convention so far. It’s just got this super friendly, inviting vibe to it. Attendance was strong and busy for both days, the Happiness Agents did a fantastic job of making sure everything was perfect for both those behind tables and those on the other side, flipping through comics, and I even sold a few books! Note for next time: bring more business cards. I ran out of them by early Sunday, whoops. Also, a great big thank you to my girlfriend Melanie for helping this weekend even though she swears up and down she can’t make art.

Naturally, I’m already thinking about the next convention–whatever it is, and whenever it is–and how I can do things differently. One thing I’d love to be is completely kid-friendly, as a few comics from my 31 BAD books and 365 BAD COMICS were definitely not appropriate. I think my artwork is fun and cute, I just need to work on my words and subject matter at times.

Anyways, here’s a couple of photos from the con too:

That's gotta be a tough cosplay to walk around in...
That’s gotta be a tough cosplay to walk around in…
Here’s Dustin Harbin, spitting some words of wisdom before the show started on Sunday.
I was asked to contribute some art for classes at Lesley University. Naturally, I don’t work well under a time limit, and thus produced this weird thing.
You can't see me (I'm behind the lady's head), but that kid with the curly hair was enraptured by 365 BAD COMICS.
You can’t see me (I’m behind the lady’s head), but that kid with the curly hair was enraptured by 365 BAD COMICS.

Lastly, here’s my comics haul. Truthfully, I could have bought a book from every single table there, but then I’d never make any money or get it all back to New Jersey in one box. I settled on a small list of wants:


For the visually impaired, that’s:

  • A cool print of a lonely bird by Dustin Harbin
  • “Diary Comics” by Dustin Harbin
  • “The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo” by Drew Weing
  • “Tako #1” and “Tako #2” by Debbie Fong
  • “Small Blue Yonder” by Crispin Wood
  • “Dinosaur Party” by Hannah Fisher

All really amazing stuff! Thanks again, Massachusetts!